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A collection of biographical essays by various authors:

Mother Jones by Steampunk Emma Goldman

Black Dispatches by Balogun Ojetade

Fierce Historical Ladies: Empress Dowager Cixi by Elizabeth Hyman

Lucy Parsons by Steampunk Emma…


The User's Guide to Steampunk ~ Bruce Sterling

Orientalism, Imperialism, & Steampunking Asia ~ Ay-leen the Peacemaker

Queer Cogs: Steampunk, Gender Identity, and Sexuality ~ Lisa Hagar

Blowing Off Steam ~ Catherynne M.…

Finding the Punk in Steampunk

Part 1: True colo(u)rs: Re-interpreting the Past Relationship between England and America
Part 2: Imperial Attitudes and the "Do you have a flag?" Quandary

A letter from Professor Calamity

A brief essay on how steampunk can help save the world.

A photographic costume guide involving radical movements in the early 20th century.

Part I: The Spanish Civil War
Part II: The Italo-Abyssinian War

History of tramp printers during the Victorian Era.